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Akiva Vol. 1




“Karma, alone, is too slow to curtail the wickedness of men.”

– The Originator

Humanity had hoped that through technological and scientific advances that they’d become galactic utopian societies. This is not the case.

The futuristic promises of America, in the twenty-first century, were merely a façade for what they are…which is a multi-generational caste system living in a dystopian hell.

Life has become wrought with the misery of our pacifism, but this will no longer be tolerated. Akiva was created to be a counterbalance to the ills that plague our society.

This book chronicles her rather gruesome and blood-thirsty conquest to liberate her society of its greed, through any means necessary.

So, if you like dystopian cyberpunk meshed with anti-heroes, philosophy, sweater stretchers and violence…then this book is for you!

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