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This was our initial meeting, and we decided on a restaurant. To this day there's no equivalent for the feeling of acquiring another tally on the growing list of attractive women that I've had the pleasure of seducing. I could live a thousand lifetimes and there would be no amount that would sate my inquisition of flesh. However, I cannot become consumed by my lust-filled rage for my limited charisma needs to do the heavy lifting to get us to that serotonin laced culminating end. It would appear that our previous sexting has paid dividends as her attire selection pleases me, greatly, as she's been forearmed with the knowledge that stockings are a turn-on for me. She dons a long-sleeved knit sweater dress that plunges down to the tops of her thighs, which barely eclipse her black opaque thigh high stockings. It seems that she purposely sways and shifts her body so that the edge of her dress creeps up past the blackness of her stockings to reveal a bit of her naked flesh. You might as well have hit a tuning fork for I'm salivating with pure desire. Every fiber of my being wants nothing more than to devour her on the spot with the passion of a hundred men. Concerns of other patrons in the restaurant are beginning to diminish and my vision is becoming that of a tunnel. She knows what the fuck she's doing and I applaud her supposed subtly in the selection. She joins me at the table and pleasantries

After much thought and consideration, I've decided to turn the Vignettes series into a novella, as well. There are several reasons for this but the main one being that you run into challenges will you illustrate erotica. For some reason text based erotica books can be as descriptive and vulgar as they want but the moment that you draw these vulgarities you run into a different set of rules or concerns, which inhibit your ability to market it. So, you'll be seeing some short erotica stories that inspire the book on this blog post going forward. These will have specific titles and should be easy to tell from the other posts. Then hopefully by next year I'll have a text based version of the Vignettes series for your reading pleasure. I can be a little more descriptive and go into more detail than I could with the graphic novels but it's still going to be in the vein of the Vignettes series. Personally, I don't like to read several pages or paragraphs of buildup before getting to the good stuff. I understand that the mind is the biggest erogenous zone and these paragraphs are mental foreplay, which is fine, but if you need and or require that this series, again, is not for you :).

Greetings everyone, It's been a very long time since we've had a post and I truly apologize for that. We are alive and well, and still working very hard on content! We're adjusting to the changes that life has been tossing at us, over the last few months, and things seem to be settling down now. So, you'll start to see more content posted on the website! Just some quick updates Vignettes Vol. 3 has had the first scene completed and excited to see work on the next start coming in. Akiva, our dystopian cyberpunk, is over half way done and expecting an October or November finish date for the pages and then it'll be off to the printers. Vignettes Vol. 3 latest page: I had found an illustrator that would be doing the artwork for Vignettes Vol. 4, which has our resident hedonists whisked away to a swinger's resort on an exotic island, but due to COVID impact she was no longer able to do work for the Kickstarter. I'm still hopeful that we'll find another so we can have several Vignettes books in production at a time. She did do a piece for it and so I'll share that with you. Here's the tease for the very attentive flight crew while en route to the resort: I was very excited to see her work over the course of the book but there are a lot of aspiring illustrators, and looking forward to screening for the 4th Vol. of the Vignettes series. The Akiva