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Greetings everyone, Just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress. This Friday 1/08/2021 we'll be launching our Kickstarter project for the next chapter in the Akiva series. Which, if you are unfamiliar with it I've dubbed it as a dystopian American satire with cyberpunk themes and vibes :). So, it's vastly different than the Vignettes series. It's more of my passion project and there's been a lot that has gone into it. I've attached some images from the book below. I've also included a link to our pre-launch page that you can click and selected to get notified when the project goes live, and so please follow along here:

Greetings, You may've noticed by now a new product in our store, which is entitled Akiva. This is a vastly different series than the Vignettes books and I wanted to take a moment to talk about it. Synopsis: "Karma, alone, is too slow to curtail the wickedness of men." - The Originator  Humanity had hoped that through technological and scientific advances that they'd become galactic utopian societies. This is not the case. The futuristic promises of America in the twenty-first century were merely a façade for what they are, which is a multi-generational caste system living in a dystopian hell. Life has become wrought with the misery of our pacifism, but this will no longer be tolerated. Akiva was created to be the counterbalance for the ills that plague our society. This book chronicles her rather gruesome and blood-thirsty conquest to liberate her society of its greed, through any means necessary. So, if you like dystopian cyberpunk meshed with anti-heroes, philosophy, sweater stretchers and violence

Greetings, This is just a quick update on our Kickstarter progress. Currently the book is funded and we've already unlocked our first stretch goal! We're hoping with our 48 hour push to have the second one unlocked, which is an additional scene in the book. Please, if you've liked our work and want to continue to support it follow the link below and select a reward tier: Thank you.

Greetings everyone, Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that our project has funded! So, if you'd like early access to our books please head over and check it out. That way you can see the book creation process from start to finish, and get access to some awesome rewards as well. We also have some stretch goals that can be unlocked. Here's the link: Thank you, Chase  

Good afternoon everyone, I'm beyond excited to announce that our latest chapter in the Vignettes series is now live! We are working very hard to give you content faster and this year we are producing two books with staggered start dates. So head on over here to check it out: These projects are only a reality because of you, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Every funded project is validation that we are giving you something that you enjoy :). I present to you Vignettes of Debauchery A Hedonist's Dream: Vol. 4