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Hedonist's Dream Erotica

Vignettes Vol. 4 & Akiva 2 Kickstarters

Good evening,

I just wanted to share some general information with you in regard to our next projects. I’m very excited to say that Akiva Vol. 1 should be finished by the end of the year and I cannot wait to get it in print and mailed out. In the meantime, I’m already working with the new Illustrator on Akiva Vol. 2 promotional work for the Kickstarter page which will be launching around the first part of the new year! So, follow the blog or my KS page for updates so you can get in at the start. Here’s the link to my KS page:

So far we have some rough sketches including the cover:

Again, this is just the rough sketch and will be more detailed once finished!

Vignettes Vol. 3 is currently in production and set to finish in 8/21 but we’re having overlapping books and so I plan to launch Vignettes Vol. 4 within a month or so. Again, you can follow this blog or my KS page for updates for when you can pledge on the project to help it become a reality. I don’t have the cover yet to post but this book features the resident hedonists going to an exotic island that’s full of other swingers. Rumor is they have a golf course that doesn’t require you to bring clubs, weird 😛

We’ve got some interesting things planned for this book and so be sure to check it out!