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Hedonist's Dream Erotica

Chivalry Is Alive and Well…

I wish I could articulate the affinity that I have for going down on a woman, but it’s just not possible. It can however be felt by the recipient…that I promise you. What’s more erotic than someone enjoying pleasuring you orally? Not much, that’s for damn sure.

The feeling of someone getting turned on while they have their head between your legs pleasuring you is beyond sexy. Have you ever felt like they were going down on you for their own selfish pleasure? My, my, my that’s a wonderful feeling, and one that’s usually paid back in kind. Everyone can talk a big game, but when it comes time to put your mouth on the line it’s easy to see who revels in it and who doesn’t. As I’ve advanced in age it’s become rather apparent, by numerous partners, that my sex has some opportunity in that, and so I’ve made it a personal mission to redeem my gender – sounds horrible, right?

This was partly due to my first sexual partner withholding that act, from me, for nearly a year. She unfortunately became self-conscious about the juvenile remarks that are made about a woman’s scent. Anyway, she had heard the common tale of pineapple juice favorably augmenting one’s taste and would agree to allow me to go down on her only after eating pineapple. Sadly, this wasn’t something that was acted upon quickly and some time went by, but then one day I was over at her house and opened the door to see an opened can of pineapple juice staring at me on the counter. I swear at this point I’d became conditioned it was like the paring of the tuning fork and food, and I was fucking hooked from that day forward.

I generally consider the ego as a negative but don’t mind boasting about my oral abilities, and consider myself a pleaser in the bedroom. In order to have sexual confidence it’s integral that you pick up on body language, be communicative and listen to breathing patterns. Some will say that it’s not about getting the ‘O’ it’s the fun you have while doing it, which in some respects is true…but if you’re already having fun making someone succumb to the throes of ecstasy is all-the-more better.

This insatiable desire to go down on a woman was compounded exponentially when I encountered my first squirter…oh what a glorious day that was! I still recall it so vividly. I had posted a personal ad seeking a woman with this ability that was demonstrable. Luckily, a woman was kind enough to reply and we agreed to meet at my place. Since this was under the guise of a one night stand I had set out copious amounts of alcohol to make the whole situation nice and relaxed. We talked briefly and it was clear things were moving to the point of the evening and so we made our way upstairs to the master bedroom, and on our way up she said “I hope you’re ready because I squirt a lot more when I drink,” fantastic I was thinking to myself. To this day, over a decade later and countless partners between I’ve never met a woman that can squirt as she could. I remember being between her legs, as she laid on her back on the bed, licking and sucking on her swollen clit…she’s clutching at the bed sheets moaning wildly as I pleasure her…and then with a loud moan I feel her gush all over my face…and that’s not an exaggeration…I can feel her desire dripping down my face as I continue to lick her sensitive clit through her orgasm…and I’ve never been so turned on in my life…it’s so fucking erotic pleasuring someone so much that they gush with intense pleasure.

I was not expecting how much I would love the feeling of a woman cumming all over my face while grabbing my hair, pushing my face into her while she rubs her wet pussy all over my mouth…moaning…and squirting all over my face. I loved every moment and continued eating her out after that for the rest of the night. There were towels involved and by the end of the night we had to flip the mattress in order to sleep on something dry.

Perhaps now you have an understanding and will keep this in mind while reading this next bit.

Thankfully, Janielle is about as adventurous as I am when it comes to the bedroom, and because of this we’ve got an extensive toy collection. I recently just bought this spherical vibrating bullet that’s wirelessly controlled with a remote, which opens a lot of possibilities. Currently, she’s about ready to return home from her day at work and I’ve got a surprise for her when she gets home! Upon opening the door she’ll find me on the floor, laying on my back, and next to me is that aforementioned bullet.

Once she enters the room and surveys the situation, I instruct her to come stand over my face…which she does without question. The view from my perspective is too wondrous to describe and I take my time as I move my gaze from her calves, up to her thighs and finally into her dress. I can see the lips of her pussy through the sheer red panties she’s got on…and I want nothing more than for her to sit on my fucking face so I can get a taste of her…

I watch as she lifts up her dress…sliding her thumbs into her lacy panties…pulling them slowly down her thighs to her knees…my mouth salivates with desire…sit on my fucking face already! She lets the moment linger and can feel my eyes staring directly at her pink little slit…then I watch as her panties cascade down her legs and land directly on my face….I can smell her on them….her scent fills my flared nostrils and my eyes roll into my skull…

She steps her heel out of her panties and then slowly begins to squat over my face…I watch as her knees bend outwards and the lips of her pussy spread open…giving me a lovely view of her opening as she nears my face….stopping just inches from my face…I can freely inhale her now…and I can see she’s getting wet with desire.

I start to lift my neck as I stick out my tongue in preparation to lick her pink flesh…but she demands that I stop…and I honor the request with her exclaiming “good boy,” which makes my cock throb with desire.

“I want you to watch me insert this toy into my pussy,” she says…and I watch as she reaches for the bullet with her left hand, holding it in her palm. “Open your fucking mouth,” she demands as she shoves the bullet into my mouth…getting it extra wet for her pussy…before holding it against her lovely little slit…I watch as she turns it on…the green indicator light suggests it’s working…and then I watch in awe as she slowly slides the bullet in her pussy…I can see the girth of the toy stretching out her pink flesh as she pushes it into her…this is the most erotic fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Once she gets the toy all the way inside her, she wipes her wet fingers over my face and lips, which I eagerly lick off to get a taste of her pussy. She reaches for the remote and turns it on…I can hear it buzzing from within her…and a deep moan escapes her lips as she feels it for the first time.

She reaches under her dress and spreads her lips open so I can get a better view of the bullet inside her pussy…she’s soaking wet…and I want her so fucking bad…but she makes me watch her get turned on by the vibrations instead…moaning as she rubs her swollen clit over my face.

I can’t stand it anymore…she’s driving me fucking mad…and then as if she heard the very words in my head…she drops to her knees and sits her soaking wet pussy directly on my face…I promptly rub my face into her…I want her desire all over my face…she starts to grind her pussy back and forth over my mouth…making me lick her how she wants. She moans like a fucking whore when she feels my soft tongue caressing her puckered little asshole…and all of a sudden she stops her grinding and pauses allowing me to tease her ass…moaning with the sensation of that and the vibrator stimulating her gspot.

She’s so incredibly turned on…I can tell she’s near orgasm…and goes back to grinding her pussy on my mouth…I can feel her weight bearing down on my face…and her pace quicken as she rubs her way to orgasm on my mouth…leaning forward she rests her clit on my tongue allowing me to frantically lick on suck on her bringing her to climax…her body completely relaxes as she collapses on my face as I lick her through her orgasm.

After a moment’s reprieve, she thanks me and I watch her pull out the cum soaked vibrator out of her pussy before she climbs off my face…leaving me to taste her pleasure for the rest of the night.