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Happy New Year Hedonists

Just wanted to do a quick post and update about the things coming this year. First and foremost, we’ve finished Vignettes Vol. 2 and have Color Me Bad slatted to be finished by end of next week to be purchased.

This weekend I’ll be shooting a video promo for Vignettes Vol. 3 Kickstarter :)! Which, should be launching mid February and will allow you to get to know me, the creator of the series, a bit more. We will also be finishing Akiva our cyberpunk dystopian graphic novel later this year.

I also hope to be able to launch Vignettes Vol. 4 later this year, as well, and have two projects going at the same time. However, that depends on Kickstarter if they’ll allow it but I want to pump out content for you faster.

I’ve been working our new illustrator for the last six months and he’s been creating some fantastic artwork for Vignettes Vol. 3 promo prints. This one I’m especially excited for.